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Other outdoor wedding venues in Singapore

June 8th 2007 by Husband in Venues 127

Peiying and I went to check out Mandai Orchid Garden and Beach Culture personally, but our research yielded other places in Singapore where one can hold outdoor weddings or solemnisations too. For those who want beach weddings, Rasa Sentosa offers that option. It’s perhaps one of the pricier venues, but they throw in a free [...]

Mandai Orchid Garden – a place of serenity and beauty

June 4th 2007 by Wife in Venues 78

Before the recce for solemnization venues, I was this “suaku” (literally “mountain turtle”, i.e. ignorant) person who thought the only Orchid Garden in Singapore was in the Botanic Garden. How wrong was I! Not only does the Mandai Orchid Garden house beautiful orchids that just bloom out in bursting color from the green slopes in [...]

The Beach Culture restaurant

June 4th 2007 by Husband in Venues 26

Peiying gave a short introduction to Beach Culture, Watercross @ Pasir Ris in the last entry. I thought the place was really nice. For a beach wedding/solemnisation, it’s not exactly the most perfect stuff (i.e. the kinds of things you see in movies) but it’s close enough, and it is the closest you can get [...]

Solemnization Recee – a difficult task

June 4th 2007 by Wife in Venues 44

After reading some web forums and taking into consideration what we personally wanted for our solemnization, we shortlisted a few places (outdoor mainly ‘cos I wanted something less ordinary ), and started on our recee for a venue. This served to be one of the most time-consuming and tiring tasks, as travelling around Singapore on [...]